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The Secret History of Chicago Music

Bluesman Benny Turner has spent decades as a sideman - including to his brother, guitar god Freddie King.

Read the story here: Chicago Reader  

April/May2017 Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

Benny was honored with other bass players - the "Groovemasters of New Orleans"!

To read the article, get your copy at Big City Rhythm & Blues

November 2017 cover and article in Living Blues magazine


Blues Survivor

To listen to and talk with Benny Turner is to be in the presence of living blues history.  The brother of the late Texas blues guitar legend Freddie King, Turner's musical career intersected with King's and developed its own trajectory as well.  The bassist, guitarist, singer and songwriter, who will turn 78 in October, has just released a new album, "My Brother's Blues", and a book, "Survivor: The Benny Turner Story", which he co-wrote with Bill Dahl.  Entertaining, engaging, and deeply affecting in turns, it is a touching chronicle of the joyous highs and devastating lows of his remarkable life and times.

Read more:  ​Living Blues

September 2016 cover of Back to the Roots magazine

An exclusive interview with Benny Turner, covering 10 pages of Issue 100 of Belgium's "Back to the Roots" magazine.  

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April/May 2016 cover of Big City Rhythm & Blues magazine ...


"Benny Turner - All Heart and Soul" by Lee Ann Flynn

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